JUNE 29-30

Heal Your Mind...
Heal Your Life

5 Element Psychology

Epowering your True Self, cutting through the miasma of trauma, choas. manipulation, deceptions, illusions 

What you Will Learn...


Through the use of video clips, copious slides, jam-packed information and guided meditations, participants will gain immediate understanding and learn practical techniques.


This will changes one’s perception and understanding of the mind of oneself and others. We learn to see people in their true complexity, both the unpleasant (Persona) and the underlying brilliance (Essence), free from false ideologies and delusions.


From this, we will take away life-long skills that are essential to long-term personal growth and transformation, as well as on-the-spot ability to change their reactions, situations and circumstances. For a full daily Curriculum click here…

Dual Self

Psychology's great missing link— Essence and Persona.

Pentad Mind

The 5-powers of mind, the basis of both positive & negative experience

Loss- Shadow

Disconnect from Power is basis of victim and perpertrator


Seeing and clearing the obstacles of avoidance and distraction.


Direct change must make use of bioenergetic science.

Your Guide..

Asa has spent 40+ years unravelling the secrets and nuances of the Five Elements—and for good reason! After a lifetime of research, healing work, teaching and lecturing, investigating every conceivable spiritual path, traveling through 34 countries (and many years Asia) and mastering various meditation styles, he is sharing this wealth of knowledge and skill with all those interested in personal transformation. A founder of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1978, and a graduate of the traditional 3-year meditation retreat in Tibetan Buddhism, he skillfully melds together wisdom culled from Eastern and Western scholarship and practice to present an accesible and effective stream of mind training. 

Dr. Asa Hershoff /
Lama Jinpa

What Others Are Saying..

I have attended every kind of seminar for 20 years—and this was simply the most articulate and enjoyable. His knowledge is both broad and deep.”
S. Steward, 2019, Toronto
“Lama Asa's teachings had a profound effect on me. This was a real transmission of knowledge, not just a bunch of information, slides or meditations. But the information itself was also incredible.”
Ro Tenzin, Mexico City, 2024
“Asa is really a dynamic mentor. The information is a truly unique synthesis that runs true. I realy on both his knowledge and wisdom to navigate the choas of modern psychological and spritiual teachings.”
Paige H., South Carolina, 2024

"Dr. Asa, employing the timeless natural wisdom of the "5 Elements" is a highly effective clinician and a humorous and skillful teacher whose approach can melded into any treatment modality with effective results."

Michael Boyle, Taos, NM, 2022
Dr. Hershoff's lectures give clear understanding in this world of chaos and confusion. You will find your life opens up and you are interacting and experiencing these teachings. HIs works have forever changed my life for the better and I am most grateful....
H. M., Burbank, 2024
Thank youLama for the precious transmissions and teachings for our students here. Everybody is very happy with what they learned and the practices that will help them into the future...
Tenzin Dorje, PIllippines, 2024

Not academic dead ends, not Hype, not New Age fantasies..

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Rive the Wave of Life

"The five elements are the source of ten thousand solutions and the cure for then thousand confusions" - Ancient Saying