Dr Asa Hershoff

Welcome to my passion, my obsession, my path of truth and wholeness. I have been on a lifelong journey to “crack the code” on human nature at the deepest level, seeking to understand what makes people tic, what goes wrong and how to make it right. During this forty year quest serving others as a holistic doctor, and decades of traveling the globe, gleaning secrets of the world’s great spiritual traditions with various teachers and masters. A knowledge the Tibetan language allowed me to delve deeply into ancient texts, and completing a 3-year, 3-month meditation retreat brought insights into the nature of human-ness that I could not have anticipated.

Through these trainings, life experiences and the laboratory of teaching and healing over the decades, the pieces fell into place and the true template of our human mind and heart became abundantly clear. Refining and verifying these exciting ideas over the last fifteen years, it became clear that the Human Code and the Five Ways of Power could offer a real solution to the widespread confusion and suffering that now consumes so many people’s lives. My sole purpose is to share these knowledge and methods that will truly help others heal, transform, and be their optimal self in this difficult life and where false paths, misguided teachings and dead ends abound..


Through meeting many great Buddhist and Western masters, I have been fortunate in unearthing the greatest secrets of human psychology, cutting through the mountains of misinformation and blind half truths that obstruct our path. In particular, the 5 Elements, has been a guiding principle. The idea of the Pentad Mind is one of the longest standing ideas in human history, tracing back to the first written records some 5,000 years ago, and becoming the center of European medicine and psychology for two thousand years. Through translating ancient Tibetan texts and integrating  with modern physiology, psychology, neuroscience, physics and Elemental knowledge scattered through time and culture they are now accessible for a modern audience.

I am dedicated to bringing these ancient truths to a modern audience, with a fresh and dynamic Western perspective. These are practical tools, a real hope in a sea of false promises, and a true path to human freedom and inner power.


Dr Asa
Asa Hershoff has practiced mindbody medicine and Vajrayana concurrently for 40 years. Completing the traditional Tibetan 3-year meditation retreat under the auspices of Kalu Rinpoche, he was later ordained as a lay Lama. A pioneer in the Canadian holistic health movement, he is founder of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (1978) and currently author of 3 books on holistic health. Asa has developed Elemental Psychology as an integration of Vajrayāna, humanistic psychology, bioenergy medicine, and a panglobal perspective on the 5 elements. This transformative methodology of self-healing, therapy and spiritual growth is represented in his many current book projects, You: True & False and The 5 Ways of Wisdom. www.the5wisdoms.com www.5eeh.com.