The Missing Map of the Human Mind & Heart

The Ancient, Infallible Path to Strength, Wisdom, Compassion,
Rulership, Creativity and Inner Freedom

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The Transformational Path

Heal Yourself

  • Access your authentic self
  • Understand your true destiny
  • Discover your 5 Freedoms

Heal Others

  • Understand other's motivations
  • Discover hidden agendas
  • Empower their possibilities

Heal Your World

  • Stay sane in an insane world
  • Protect against negativity
  • Compatible career, tribe

Healing Mind-Body

Healing Body-Mind

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Dr Asa
Asa Hershoff has practiced mindbody medicine and Vajrayana concurrently for 40 years. Completing the traditional Tibetan 3-year meditation retreat under the auspices of Kalu Rinpoche, he was later ordained as a lay Lama. A pioneer in the Canadian holistic health movement, he is founder of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (1978) and currently author of 3 books on holistic health. Asa has developed Elemental Psychology as an integration of Vajrayāna, humanistic psychology, bioenergy medicine, and a panglobal perspective on the 5 elements. This transformative methodology of self-healing, therapy and spiritual growth is represented in his many current book projects, You: True & False and The 5 Ways of Wisdom.