5 Element Energy Healing

Optimal MindBody Healing

These simple daily  meditations are designed to recreate the bioenergetic template of life, through the formative forces underlying our bodies, our minds, and our world. There is no greater skill you can learn in this life than how to refresh, detoxify and balance the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. While these names may seem archaic, they have been used for healing by Tibetan lamas, Doaists, Shaivite tantrics, Ayurvedic practitioners, Greek physicians, Arabian doctors, Shamans—and  modern day homeopaths. Beyond those names, we are dealing with the building blocks of body and mind, the patterns that govern photons, electrons, molecules, organs systems and the psyche itself.


Part 1: Element Basics

The Energy Body
The Energy World
What are Elements?
Why work with Elements?

Part 2: Elements in History

Element Misconceptions
Elemental Principles
The Circle of Elements
Element Relationships
States of the Elements

Part 2: Meeting The Elements

Earth: Qualities, Excess, Deficiency, Location
Water: Qualities, Excess, Deficiency, Location
Fire: Qualities, Excess, Deficiency, Location
Air: Qualities, Excess, Deficiency, Location
Space: Qualities, Excess, Deficiency, Location

Part 3: Damage and Toxicity

What is Elemental "Damage?"
Toxicity of the Elements
Protecting the Elements

Part 4: Diagnosing Imbalances

Energy Sensitivity
Muscle Testing
Dowsing Systems
Pulse Systems
Direct Perception

Part 5: Elemental Healing

Light Infusion
Element Detox
Element Balance
Sound Healing
Mantra Healing
Feminine Wisdom
Chakra Systems

Part 6: Next Steps

Integration into Daily Life
Healing Others
Elemental Psychology

Dr Asa
Asa Hershoff has practiced mindbody medicine and Vajrayana concurrently for 40 years. Completing the traditional Tibetan 3-year meditation retreat under the auspices of Kalu Rinpoche, he was later ordained as a lay Lama. A pioneer in the Canadian holistic health movement, he is founder of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (1978) and currently author of 3 books on holistic health. Asa has developed Elemental Psychology as an integration of Vajrayāna, humanistic psychology, bioenergy medicine, and a panglobal perspective on the 5 elements. This transformative methodology of self-healing, therapy and spiritual growth is represented in his many current book projects, You: True & False and The 5 Ways of Wisdom. www.the5wisdoms.com www.5eeh.com.