The 5 Ways of Wisdom

The Pentad Mind

The architecture of the human mind has been known for millenia, written about and taught throughout the ancient world and right into our own time.

Way of Creator Wisdom Cover

the Way of Creator Wisdom

Manifesting Your Vision

Our Creator is the basis of discovery, innovation. responsiveness, and resourcefulness on even the subtlest day to day aspects of our lives. Disconnected from this force, we experience a sense of impotency, an inability to create, contribute or manifest our vision. Shadow Creator is the Black Magician, using their human creativity to deceive, trick, manipulate and create all manner of useless and harmful information and objects.

In The Way of Creator Wisdom we detail the best and worst of this remarkable human capacity for invention, discovery and misuse of its potential, and how to tap into this incredible inner resource.

Way of Lover Wisdom Cover

The Way of Lover Wisdom

Connecting Head & Heart

A central force in life is our ability to connect to people, things, experience, or our inner vision. It is sense of compassion, good heart, sensitivity and empathy with the larger world. Disconnection from Lover Wisdom is the basis of isolation, loneliness, alienation. When Shadow development happens, instead of real connection we have toxic relationships: manipulation, deception, hypocrisy.

In the Way of Lover Wisdom we earn the “what and how” of relationships—what makes them meaningful or the cause of suffering, with practical methods for reconnecting to the nourishing and healing power of the heart.

The Way of Ruler Wisdom

Everything Is Where It Belongs

Ruler Power gives us our sense of our place in the world, not just as a leader, but appropriate and congruent with our nature. It gives structure, security and solidity to our experience and enrichment on all levels. Disconnected from RP, we become more chaotic, lost; We don’t know where we belong, nor how we can lead or follow. Our internal world’s hierarchy is distorted and insecurity reigns. The Shadow Ruler is a dictator, not a leader: Rigidity compensates for true strength and purpose, and all kinds of dogmatic and fixed ideas hide our fears.

In the Way of Lover Wisdom we earn the “what and how” of relationships—what makes them meaningful or the cause of suffering, with practical methods for reconnecting to the nourishing and healing power of the heart.

Way of Warrior Wisdom

The Way of Warrior Wisdom

Strength and Perseverence

Our inherent Warrior gives us drive, ambition, focus and direction in all things, our fearlessness, resolve and protection of those weaker than ourselves. When we become disconnected from WP, there is a feeling of weakness, impotence, and the inability to accomplish our goals, etc. Shadow Warrior, a false substitute for real Power, creates the bully in us, the braggart, the macho, the pretend hero.

In The Way of Warrior Power, we examine the details of this core feature of our psyche, how to see and understand it in ourselves and others, and how to return to Power, with our true aim and goals directed towards success on all levels.

The Way of Guru Wisdom

Intuition, Wisdom & Discrimination

At the center of our four other powers, Guru Power is our inner Wisdom, Chairman/woman of the board, integrating and harmonizing our understanding and function. At the core of our human predicament is an inability to discern, to see the whole picture, to know the truth. That is purely the result of disconnection from Guru Power. The False Guru, so common in our age, means one has compensated by a pretense at knowing, a outer and inner deception of real authority or real wisdom.

In The Way of Guru Power we plumb the mysteries of this central part of the human template; This includes how to connect with our true intuition and balance of the 5 Ways, as well as the story of today’s modern blight: the Charlatan.

Dr Asa Hershoff
Asa Hershoff has practiced mindbody medicine and Vajrayana concurrently for 40 years. Completing the traditional Tibetan 3-year meditation retreat under the auspices of Kalu Rinpoche, he was later ordained as a lay Lama. A pioneer in the Canadian holistic health movement, he is founder of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (1978) and currently author of 3 books on holistic health. Asa has developed Elemental Psychology as an integration of Vajrayāna, humanistic psychology, bioenergy medicine, and a panglobal perspective on the 5 elements. This transformative methodology of self-healing, therapy and spiritual growth is represented in his many current book projects, You: True & False and The 5 Ways of Wisdom.
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