Pillar 1: You—True & False

The Missing Self

We look at the world through distorted glasses, without the possibility of seeing clearly and accurately. This is simply because we were given all kinds of misleading and misguided ways of perceiving, understanding and experiencing our world. Now there exists a simple yet disastrous road block on the journey to mastering our lives and understanding ourselves, our spouse, or our complex relationships of friends, enemies, political or religious figures or anyone else.

99% of self-help, psychology, philosophy or spiritual books, trainings, seminars or teachers, do not know this open secret and can’t tell it to you. This includes the most famous, renowned celebrities of the self-help world, even if they have sold millions of books and have ten million twitter fans.

This is the hidden key to understanding the the greatest obstacle to human happiness and harmony.
Without this knowledge, it is not possible to understand human motives, struggles, pain, or even the nature of good and evil.
Yet once this simple key is understood, we have a whole new and crystal clear lens in which to view the world.
The Natural Split The reality of our lives is that we are—by necessity—two people. One is who we are born, our potential, unique gifts and characteristics, tendencies and predilections. It is our constitution, temperament and our future character. This is our essence. It can evolve, get blocked, mature fully or not, develop this way or that, according to its nature.
But were are born into a culture, a time and place, a family, a language. And because of this we must develop an interface with that outer world. This is our Persona, our mask. It is artificial, built of pieces of all the influences of societal norms, family values, convention, and everything we learn to make us normal, adapted humans.
The Unnatural Development. Essence should be active, and Persona an accurate interface, a two way filter, between the outer world and inner nature. This is called True Persona. But often Persona develops in a way that is opposite to my real nature, needs, motives and purpose—and it starts running the show. This is False Persona. But true or false, this fabrication has no real potential for growth, only for updates! True Essence can become hidden, starved, and the real me becomes almost inaccessible.
So we can’t begin to talk about ourselves, our qualities or anyone else’s, unless we know if we are talking about Essence or Persona, and how they are functioning within us. The tragedy is that people can invest tremendous amounts of energy, time and money into polishing and “improving” Persona, while the real stuff of their life, the living soul of their human nature, Essence, is utterly ignored and atrophied.

The Magic of Knowing

Learning to recognize, instantly, the difference between Essence and Persona lets us know who we are dealing with, what is true and what is false, what can be trusted and what is just artificial, and if there is a real person in front of us, or just a make believe one, however sophisticated. And it allows us to take stock of ourselves accurately and see where to begin on the road to real inner freedom, inner power and full maturation into a True Man and True Woman. And it will help to immediately see who the false gurus and charlatans are, even though they themselves don’t know it!


The Missing Key to a True Understanding of Psychology, Self-Help, Personal Change, Spiritual Growth and Human Nature Itself  © Healing Wisdom Books

Approx. 320 pages, 23 Illustrations
For publication in August, 2019.