5 Element Transformation

October 6-16, 2017 [with 4-day extension option]

In spite of its small size, Bhutan vast with treasures, sights, sounds and experiences. To learn more about Bhutan in general you can visit here. Inner Journeys provides a unique opportunity though, to experience a depth of personal richness and transformative possibilities that goes far beyond mere sightseeing.

Inner Journey

We will learn and engage in practices that touch all aspects of our being, and that we can take with us into our daily lives. Instructions will be given each evening to prepare for the next day’s outing, and for the guided practice that will take place during our travels and at sacred sites. This suite of practices is a direct, accurate and rapid path to clearing the obstacles to a fully awakened life. 


We will learn Five Element practices from both the Tibetan Yoga and Qi Gong traditions. These sacred movements cleanse and balance the energy centers and channels. And through purifying the indwelling Elements, we achieve both health and mind-body transformation.


Working with the Pentad mind, the structures of inner Warrior, Ruler, Creator, Lover and Guru, is a way to directly and immediately change our state, and put us into contact with our Authentic Self. The possibilities are unlimited as precisely target and work to balance our inner conflicts, distortions, overloads and shortcomings.


At the heart of spiritual practice is karmic purification, and there is no more expedient way than the Vajrasattva of the Five Elements. This little known method relies on the 5 Buddha Families to clear negative imprints that create obstacles and disruptions on every level.


While our outer experience of life is intertwined with all kinds of external circumstances, patterns, causes and conditions, we have the untapped ability to make positive shifts in what seem like “fixed” situations. Working with the fundamental forces of life, the 5 Elements, we can impact career, relationships, finances and much more.

Download a PDF of the INNER Schedule here!


Download a PDF of the OUTER Schedule here!

Download a JPEG of the 5 Element Transformational Journey here!

Outer Journey

Our outer journey will take us to power places and sacred sites that will inspire, create awe, and be the backdrop for our inner work. With our driver, our guide Pema and myself, we will follow this schedule, but adapt it to the energy and needs of the group as our journey evolves.

Daily Schedule for Elemental Tour

Thursday, Oct. 5. Travel

  • Arrive in Bangkok, Delhi or Kathmandu (I will be in Thailand early)

Friday, Oct 6. Arrival

  • Flight
  • Arrive in Paro from Kathmandu or Bangkok by 2 pmn
  • Drive direct to Thimphu — stay at Galingkha Hotel


  • Memorial Chorten: circumambulation, aspiration & goal-setting
  • Ambient Cafe experience

Dinner at hotel

  • Teaching & preparation

Saturday, Oct 7. Thimphu 1

  • Breakfast & Tibetan Yoga / Qi Gong
  • Thimphu Dzong
  • Big Buddha, Buddha Point—Keunsel Phodrang

Lunch out

  • Craft School of Arts (Zorig Chusum) • Sunday Market

Dinner at hotel

  • Teaching & preparation

Sunday, Oct 8: Thimphu 2

  • Breakfast & Tibetan Yoga / Qi Gong
  • Siluka TT Gyalpo Monastery – Cho ritual • Dechen Podrang


  • Meeting with TangTong Gyalpo Tulku, meditation Master of the Elements
  • Visit Semkapa Dzong

Dinner at Hotel

  • Teaching and orientation for next day

Monday, Oct 9. Thimphu 3

Breakfast & Tibetan Yoga / Qi Gong

  • Lama Choying’s Monastery; The grand master of Chod in the tradition of MaChik.
  • Full day 5-Element Healing Ritual (see details below)
  • 5-Element Purification Dance (the only place in the world where this is performed).

Dinner at Hotel

  • Teaching & Prep


Tuesday, Oct 10. Punakha 1

Breakfast & Tibetan Yoga / Qi Gong

  • Drive to Punakha (4 hours) on our tour bus through the forestlands of Bhutan.


  • Druk Wangyal Temple (near Dochu Lha Pass)
  • Continue to Chimi Lhakhang in the Punakha Valley.
  • Settle in— Pema Karpo Hotel (10 double rooms).

Dinner at Hotel

  • Teaching & Prep

Wednesday, Oct 11. Punakha 2

Breakfast & Tibetan Yoga / Qi Gong

  • Khamsum Yuley Lhakhang


  • Suspension bridge
  • Punakha Dzong

Dinner at Hotel

  • Teaching & Preparation

Thursday, Oct 12. Thimphu & Paro

Breakfast & Tibetan Yoga / Qi Gong

  • Travel to Paro via Thimphu

Lunch in Thimphu

  • TaChok (TT Gyalpo’s Bridge and Temple) special 5 element practices.
  • Arrive Paro – Tashi Namgye Hotel

Dinner at hotel

  • Teaching & Prep

Friday, Oct 13. Paro 1

Breakfast & Tibetan Yoga / Qi Gong

  • Dumtsek Lhakhang • National Museum • Paro Dzong


  • KyiChu Lhakhang (meditation)

Dinner at Hotel

Saturday, Oct 14. Paro 2

Breakfast Meditation & Teaching

  • Sights of Paro – Dumtsek Lhakhang 2


  • Cultural Evening at Hotel

Sunday, Oct 15. Paro 3


  • Full day trek to Taksang (Tiger’s Nest); Guru Rinpoche and Machik sacred sites
    (Alternatives available for those wishing less strenuous activity)
  • Traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath

Farewell Dinner at Hotel.

  • Packing, preparations.

Monday, Oct 16. Departure From Bhutan

Breakfast & Yoga

Transfer to Paro Airport; Druk Air flight to KTM, Delhi or Bangkok, etc.