CODE 10: Illumination

Making Light of Life

Life presents many pathways and forks in the road, and each person must labor to discover their true calling, their true path and be guided by their inner compass. And for some, for a small few, that compass is not content with merely a good life, or material success or even the happiness promised by relationships and family. Some also seek the highest possibility, the fulfilling of their ultimate potential as a human being. That fruition of human nature has been given many names: enlightenment, realization, sainthood, Buddhahood, attainment and so on. Here, we call it Illumination.
This word is not just figurative or poetic, in expressing some clarity of mind or radiating wisdom. For the state that we are talking about is literally the state of luminosity, where physical substance, biological energy and mental activity all become a Body of Light. Biologically, we know that every cell emits photons of light, and in fact this turns out to be a major way that information is transferred in the body, especially between nerve cells.

Among the highlights of this book you will learn:

  • The basis of various psychic gifts or “siddhis” that are a natural consequence of light body formation, including clairvoyance, healing ability, astral travel, conscious dreaming and so on.
  • Why the light body is the only way to enter “paradise,” heaven, the Buddha fields or any other conception of after-death redemption.
  • What can go terribly wrong in terms of light body malformation or destruction.
  • What methods are effective and which are useless in terms of creating a rainbow body.
  • Why ancient methods do not work in the same way in the modern era, and what is effective now.
  • This text reveals of the five aspects of the Light Body, knowledge which is not found anywhere in the ancient or modern literature of any tradition, except in a veiled, hidden way.

The 5-Color Spectrum

But this light is an amorphous mass, trillions of random points of light emitted in the darkness of the body. There lies the possibility of this light becoming structured, organized—conscious. Then we have a real vehicle for all the “miraculous” psychic gifts, and abilities, and even survival after death of the physical form. Like everything else in nature, it has a highly organized, specific structure and architecture. And its core building blocks are the five elemental energies, traditionally called Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The most rapid way of transforming these elements from mundane to refined spiritual gold, is through working directly with those forces, as written about in many hidden spiritual traditions over the millenia.
In The Light Body you will learn about the 5 sheaths of the illuminated body, traditional called the Five Wisdoms in Tibetan Buddhism:


Being connecting with all experience, things, people, yet without any attachment or neurotic involvement, in the same way a mirror reflects perfectly, yet remains unchanged and stainless. This brings healing ability, to restore the original purity to phenomena.

[themify_icon icon=”fa-circle” icon_color=”yellow”]EARTH

Rulership that sees the same quality equal in all things, and knows the value and use of all phenomena. This brings the ability to manifest the spiritual in the physical world.


The clarity of seeing the individual nature of each thing, its purpose and destiny within the whole. This gives the ability of clairvoyance, or seeing beyond the physical eye.


The connection with the constant creative energy of the universe, its interconnected flux and flow. This brings the capability to alter, mix, and create far beyond what any artist can imagine, even working directly with nature directly.


The pure wisdom of understanding the underlying fabric of time, space, and consciousness, and being utterly free of the constraints of personal identity. This is the ability to have utter fearlessness and non-attachment.


The Light Body

Ancient Secrets Behind Spiritual Transformation, Psychic Powers and Survival After Death

Approx. 280 pages, 20 Illustrations
For publication in June, 2016. © Healing Wisdom Books
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