CODE 4: True Character

Emotional ImmaturityIs your friend, spouse, boss or business colleague, really a baby on some levels? And what to do about it, if that child is a destructive, difficult one?
No matter how complex the life form, or the situation, there is a healthy and unhealthy state of affairs, and there is a healthy and unhealthy developmental process. Nobody would say that a stunted, withered plant is “normal.” even if all the plants nearby it were similarly affected. Our understanding of people is based on “usual” or “average,” not on normal. And it turns out that, especially in our era, usually 80% of people are abnormal and another 10% confused! So any scientific studies of how people think and act, how they form relationships, how they do business, or anything else, is just a study in abnormal psychology, in pathology! We have to START with an understanding of normal, in order to judge how things go off the track, and where the track is that we have to get people back to! If we hold to an ideal of character, integrity, honesty, personal power, clarity, wisdom, compassion—this is very far from the average human we meet on the street. And yet, this is the normal state of a human being. This IS human nature.