CODE 5: He, She & We

The 5 Ways of Love

The clear polarity between the sexes in all forms of life is reflected in the unique differences between men and woman. There are libraries full of books on the physiological, biological, psychological and social uniqueness, and sameness, of masculine and feminine. An endless stream of reality shows, novels, sitcoms, dramas and relationship gurus describe and comment and dissect our life as male and female. Yet despite all the theories and all the therapy, we seem to be not too much further along in terms of understanding each other and appreciating the powerful dynamic of the sexes. The Human Code provides a unique approach to resolving the problem by presenting a fresh way of perceiving men and women, as well as changing the chronic negative patterns that have blocked both sexes from understanding the true nature of the two, and working to heal the split—both within our own being and with our opposites in the real world.

The simplicity of the 5 Ways of Power comes to our rescue here. Using this elegant template for both sexes, we have the 5 Ways of Men and the 5 Ways of Women, as very well defined variations on our basic human nature. Differences, relative strengths, predilections and tendencies become clear. All the conflicted theories and observations fall into place, and a real perception of who we are as people, men and women becomes part of our language and our internal sensing.
Once we expand on this and examine Power, Loss and Shadow in terms of the male archetype and female archetype, we can start to understand the dynamics between people, in all their good, bad and ugly manifestations.


How Knowledge of the 225 Kinds of Human Interaction Will Change Your Life Forever

The periodic table of elements. The human genome. The biological classification of plants and animals. Everywhere we see the intricate organization and hierarchy of the natural world. Yet until now, there has been no clear map of the one thing that is at the center of our daily lives—relationship. Wether it is career, family, politics or anyone we connect with during our long lives, our human interactions play a tremendous  role. And our safety, sanity, success and happiness depend on those modes. For the first time, there is a precise way to understand what happens between people: the good, the bad and the ugly. There are only 225 possible interactions, and each has been given a name, an icon, a symbol, and an explanation. This knowledge will revolutionize how you see others, allowing you to know what is a healthy or abusive relationship, what kind of deceptions and manipulations take place, who kind of allies and enemies. And even more importantly, we can see—and name—our own valuable and dysfunctional ways of connecting the dots of our outer and inner life.


The Wisdom of the True Feminine

Approx. 280 pages, 10 diagrams
For publication in Nov, 2019.
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Discovering the Authentic Male

Approx. 230 pages, 10 diagrams
For publication in Nov, 2019.
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