CODE 8: Humans Typed

A Guide to the Human Soul

Having understood the previous codes, especially 1, 2, and 3, it becomes clear that the systems of human classification that exist today are not only over-simplified—they are deeply flawed for the following reasons:

  • The Persona cannot be typed, since it is an artificial construct, a collection of mannerisms. Only Essence can have a type, and this differentiation is not taken into account.
  • Without considering the state of Power, Loss and Shadow of the individual, again, typology is meaningless.
  • Typology must be based on the relative importance of each the 5 Ways of Power within the individual.
  • Without knowing what developmental stage someone is at, no classification has any real meaning.

Now, armed with all the our Human Code knowledge, a true and accurate classification can be made, one that fully represents the unique individual, without false pigeon-holes and rigid categories that do not show the skills, capacities, or strengths of the person.

In “Humans: Typed,” we outline the required elements that go into really nailing down who a person is, where they are at in relation to their full potential and to their peers. This system is broad enough to give real insight into an individual. This must include:


  1. — The balance of true and false, of Persona and Essence.
  2. — Unique mix and development of  Warrior, Creator, Ruler, Lover and Guru
  3. —Degree of Power, Loss and Shadow within each of these five aspects of the psyche.
  4. — Emotional maturity and degree of developmental trauma in each area.
  5. —Relative level of awareness or consciousness within the scope of human potential
  6. —Wether there has been a descent from Shadow to actual Evil, the departure from the human realm.
  7. —Balance of male and female within the individual and how this reflects in their outer relationships.