CODE 9: Good & Evil

Solving an Ancient Puzzle

The question of Good vs Evil is one of humankind’s oldest riddles. Even today, half of the films we see and the stories we read are about the struggle between these twi forces. Yet here is another instance where philosophy, psychology, science and religion have very fragmented and unsatisfactory answers. What is the source of evil, how do we recognize it in ourself and others, and most importantly, how do we respond and defend against this source of human misery?

Having understood all the previous Codes, the essential elements of our human nature, we can begin to tackle the thorny problem of human evil. And with our knowledge of the Human Code, we can approach the issue in a completely new way and gain unique insights. Rather than a philosophical or political problem, ultimately this is a very personal issue, and one we must resolve in order to fully embody our core human strength and compassion.

Good and Evil Book


Maintaining Your Brilliance in the Face of Those Who Have Lost their Humanity. Approx. 280 pages, 20 Illustrations
For publication in June, 2016.
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Quotes from The 5 Ways of Evil

The Energy of Evil

“Bad and Evil are very different for another reason. They carry a whole different energy. That energy is a quality, a sense, a tangible presence that is palpably different than being around a bad person, such as an unscrupulous marketer, a crooked investor, or a serial cheater. This distinct difference can be experienced easily enough: Just watch any well crafted horror movie. In all their varieties and subgenres, they elicit a sense of terror, a nauseating feeling of unease and, well, horror. We may be enraged, disgusted, or suspicious of bad people, but evil ones make us shudder. They elicit a primal sense of revulsion and fear.”

Going Insect

Creativity is a wonderful thing, a cornerstone of human psychology. It is not just the stuff of artists, writers, and dreamers. We use creative mind in our day-to-day, and minute-to-minute choices, decisions and resourcefulness. From shopping, to walking, to preparing our meals, to having a conversation, Creativity is in play every step of the way. It is so much a part of our daily experience, that when we disconnect from our creative mind, we have Creator Loss, bringing a sense of impotence, an inability to do, or to find fulfillment. This also opens that way his leads to Creator Shadow, a false pretense at power where lies the Black Magician, turning their creative ability to manipulate, to deceive, to hide, to gain attention. The end game is to acquire fame, money, and false sense of accomplishment and all the rest by being a good trickster. This is he realm of greedy corporation, the advertising industry, and much of the entertainment and political realms of life. But it is also there in the whole vast arena of deception, lying, and cover-up that can go on in any aspect of people’s lives, including relationships, career, and human interaction in general.
Gone Insect
However, the creator that really “breaks bad” falls fully out of the human realm. And they enter into a psychological world that is akin to the Insect species. But before we look at the analogy here, we can remind ourselves of how familiar we really are with this brand of evil. Think of that common hack in TV dramas, movies and detective novels: the plotting, scheming, sleazy character, involved with some criminal activity. They may be a smuggler, drug dealer, card shark or petty thief. Or they may be a major con artist with a Ponzi scheme. They might be a mastermind, but they may not have the charisma or leadership for that.