The Ancient Path to

Inner Wisdom

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The Key to an Empowered Life

  • There are 5 core causes of illness and suffering, 5 causes of dynamic health and an empowered, luminous mind.
  • 5 Element Energy Healing uses form, light and sound to change deep-seated imbalances and obstacles.
  • From the ancient wisdom of Tibet and India to the mystery schools of Pythagoras, 5 Element work is a focused, accurate, yet gentle form of energy healing that works directly with the fundamental building blocks of body and mind.
Dr. Asa has 40 years of experience as an energy healer, having developed sensitivity to the messages embedded within human energy fields. These messages give vital clues to the physical, emotional and spiritual causes of illness and suffering. Through long training in Tibetan meditation and other disciplines, he has developed an elegant and powerful energy healing method, a fusion of ancient practices, modern medical and contemporary psychology. This involves the five core energies that underly our body, our mind, and the very universe we inhabit.

The Power of the Five


Our health is an expression of the integrity and balance of the 5 primary forces from which it is built, and illness is an expression of distortion or disharmony in these 5 core elements. Ancient techniques of working with the Elements are important for any illness, prevention and longevity.


Our Pentad Mind has five aspects which are the source of all our good qualities, character and inner power—and from which all deficiency, suffering, and negativity arise. Understanding and working with our psychological Elements is a rapid to bringing the mind back to its original purity and  brilliance.


All spiritual change, development, transformation is, at its core, the purification of the 5 core elements, that are transformed into the original purity of the 5 Wisdom Elements. This is the basis of the Light Body, and small mind uniting with Ultimate Mind, in its 5-fold expression.


By changing ourselves, each individually, the world around us responds differently, and begins to shift and change. The real path to success in our career, relationships, and material security, is an expression of the harmonious balance of our 5-elements. And so peace and happiness on a global scale begins on this level.

5 Element Healing

The path to Elemental mastery is a journey of body, mind and spirit. Using a synthesis of knowledge from around the globe and across the millennia, 5-Element healing is remarkably straight-forward and elegant, yet profound and rapid in its effects. First we learn to experience and work with our inner Elements of body and mind. From there we may wish to work healing others, adding to other skills we may have. Moving forward we can extend our knowledge to changing the very environments that we and others inhabit. And finally, we can teach and pass on this world-transforming paradigm.

MODULE 1—Self Healing

  • Comprehensive understanding of the Elements.
  • 8 core healing methods of light, sound, form.
  • Daily practice bringing back mind-body purity
  • Specific approaches to illness, depression, etc.

MODULE 2—Healing Others

  • Comprehensive training in 5-Element therapy
  • Identify and locate Elemental disruptions
  • Clearing toxicity, deficiency, excess, etc.
  • Unearthing and healing mind-body traumas.

Elemental Psychology

The 5 Wisdoms system brings together the Elemental knowledge and practices that have been scattered across time and culture, with a special focus on transformation methods of Tibetan Buddhism.

An integration of bioenergy medicine, biophysics, ancient meditative science and cutting edge psychology, it allows us to access these basic building blocks of experience through color, sound, light and creative thought. 

EP 1—True & False Self

  • The core point: the difference between the True and False self—Essence & Persona
  • How Essence can develop and mature, while false Persona leads us into chaos and suffering.
  • Cutting through all the false narratives and misconceptions, ancient and new.

EP 2—Power, Loss, Shadow

  • Our natural state is empowered and with full capacity for feeling, thinking and acting.
  • Loss is a disconnect from our original self.
  • Shadow is a dark substitute for true power.
  • Power, Loss and Shadow give rise to the entire human drama—and its transformation.

EP 3—Five Ways of Power

  • The first accurate and comprehensive understanding of human nature.
  • Your inner Warrior, Lover, Creator, Ruler & Guru 
  • The 5 Losses and 5 Shadows and their redemption and transformation.

Module 3—Elemental Land Healing

  • Sensing and purifying home & environment
  • Sensing the energy of living things, objects.
  • Clearing home, work and other environments
  • Protecting oneself and others from toxic energies, negative forces and entities, etc.

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