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Are You a Knowledge-Holder?

There is a word we come across in reading Tibetan Buddhist books, liturgies or philosophy that is both intriguing and enigmatic. Rig-Dzin literally means awareness-holder or knowledge-holder1. There are other words in that language that mean “being in possession of” or achieving a certain state or level. But here it literally means “holder.” So what is being held, who is holding it, and where is it being kept—and why?

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Clearing Trauma

The greatest obstacle to spiritual development is—not what you might think. Various religious and spiritual pathways talk about our disturbed emotions, our anger, our anxiety, our past actions.

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Light Body 10 – First Steps

Before embarking on any deeper meditation methods, the real missing link is simple Energy Awareness. This alone can completely transform our daily experience of life.

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Elemental Psychology

The Missing Self in Spirituality and Psychology

The Big Investment A few years ago, a friend of mine was ready, along with his wife, to retire. They had invested their life savings, the work of 20 years, to fund their golden years. Unfortunately, it was with a man named Madoff. In a single moment they lost it

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